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Adopt a GF Blogger: Celiacs in the House

April 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Where has the time gone?!  For some reason I thought that I had until the end of the week – yikes!  Good thing I have a giant calendar on my desk because it is time for Adopt a GF Blogger, which was started by Book of Yum as a way to get to know other members of the virtual gluten-free community and trying out their recipes.  In fact, it is because of this wonderful carnival that I have discovered the delicious world of a gluten-free kitchen and treats.

Wendy of Celiacs in the House recently changed her blog and added some new touches.  One of the things that I really love about Wendy’s site is that the majority of her recipes are quick and easy, and the fact that she uses recipes as a starting point and makes them her own.  She has recipes that use flour mixes, incorporating them into non-gluten recipes, something that I have always feared trying, and shares her family’s gluten-free travelling experiences.  You can also find  the Top 10 GF Favourites of Wendy and her two children, a page that has become a quick reference for me.  I always see different gluten-free items on the market or receives messages from friends and family, but because of my experiences with some horrible GF products during my first months gluten-free I have been very leary of trying new things.  I am much more willing to try products out if I hear from others on a gluten-free diet.

As usual, I had a hard time deciding what I was going to make because all of the recipes sounded and looked so good.  In fact, I have a recipe file full of bookmarked recipes to try and sadly I had to add some more from Celiacs in the House collection.  The first recipe that I made was Tamale Pie.  I had a freezer full of ground turkey that I needed to use and this recipe was perfect, particulary as I have been craving food with mexican flavours and as soon as I saw the word adobo in the recipe, I knew that I couldn’t pass this recipe up.  Yum!  My fiance and I love it.  In fact, I didn’t get too much because it quickly became my fiance’s work dinners.  I have officially added this recipe to our work meal collection.  It kept well in the fridge (for the few days that it lasted).  Please note that I just used my own pie crust recipe for the base.

I also made the Asparagus and Prosciutto Quiche, but with a mashed potato crust.  I also used coconut milk in place of the heavy cream just because I had it on hand and we rarely ever use dairy milk.  This was perfect as I always make a vegetarian quiche but my fiance has been asking for a quiche with some meat in it.  I saw this and realized that it met the necessary requirements – meat and asparagus, one of J.’s favourite vegetables.  It was a hit and I have second on cut up in the freezer for meals in a pinch.

Sadly, because I goofed on my deadline, I haven’t had a chance to try the pumpkin muffin tops with cheesecake filling or the kale pesto and feta shells, but I will have to add them in later.

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Adopt a GF Blogger: Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free

February 7, 2011 8 comments

I am writing this a little late for a few reasons.  The main one being that I have not been feeling well these past few days.  Another one being that I do not feel that I have done justice to Amy of Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free.

Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free is a wonderful site that I discovered this past summer.  There are so many reasons to add Amy’s blog to your favourites:

  • Informative articles for those who are looking for sugar alternatives or or how to choose your gluten-free flours to create your own blends
  • Resource list of items that Amy uses herself
  • Delicious recipes that are sugar- and gluten-free

These are only a few things that I love!  Amy also shares her story for choosing a sugar and gluten-free diet as well as many other stories about her life (her dogs, schooling…) and, right now, her joy with the upcoming release of her cookbook – Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free Meals in 20 Minutes.

I, for one, can’t wait for this book to come out!  I have already added it to the top of my wishlist (although, I’ll probably buy it as soon as I see it!). 

However, going back to my Adopt A GF Blogger plan, I adopted Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free because there are so many recipes that I have been dying to try out!  They all look and sound so lovely.  Sadly, I didn’t get around to trying out any of her desserts, but my dogs did get to check out her Pumpkin Dog Biscuits and I think that it’s safe to say that they loved them  (they’re really big as I didn’t have any smaller cookie cutters – but I do now!).  I have one dog in particular who is probably the worst food critic and she was looking for more!  The best part is tha tthese biscuits were quick and easy to make.  This is a recipe that will be made over and over again.

I also made Amy’s Perfect Gluten-Free Bread, but I have yet to find Bob’s Red Mill garfava flour and didn’t have any garbanzo flour to substitute with, so I ended up replacing it Bob Red Mill’s All-Purpose Baking Flour which is bean-based.  I, personally, found the bread to have a bit of a strong bean taste, but I am pretty sure this is because of my substitution.  Otherwise, this bread rose fabulously (I’ve never had a loaf of bread rise so well) and it was moist!  I could cut the bread and only had to clean up a few crumbs –  no crumbly chunks falling off of this loaf.  Great for sandwiches.  I will definitely be trying this recipe again as soon as I find the flour that it’s suppose to use.

I also made Amy’s yummy Garden Turkey Burgers with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing.  These were even a hit with my fiance’s son who is very particular about his food.  He was very excited when I told him that I was making these again this past weekend.  This recipe is incredibly quick and easy!  It was the perfect meal because I was able to whip it up in no time with my back spasms and all.  I have made these twice now and both times they have been gobbled up before I could get a picture (I think that there may be a couple leftover in the fridge though, so I’ll have to snap a quick pic before they’re eaten later today).  The second batch we made (the picture) had melted cheese on them.  Sadly, I was missing the buttermilk ranch dressing the second time around too.  They tasted so good with that dressing on them…yum!

I thoroughly enjoyed every recipe of Amy’s.  My family thoroughly enjoyed ever recipe.  And I still have a list of recipes that I will be trying in the future, such as her homemade ketchup.  As usual, this was very fun and successful Adopt a GF Blogger (January 2011)!

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Celiac Teen – Adopt a GF Blogger

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

I am just squeaking this posting in at the last minute.  It is time for what is fast becoming one of my favourite blogging events – Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger

Since my accident a couple of weeks ago I have not had much energy, or even the ability, to be in the kitchen.  It has been very frustrating because I am off of work and in physio and have all of this time, but I can’t do too much with it.  The hardest part is that I was so excited to bake up a storm for Christmas.  However, thanks to Lauren over at Celiac Teen, I was able to make (with help) one of my all time favourite treats – Nanaimo Bars .

I specifically chose Celiac Teen for this very recipe.  I was almost heart broken when I discovered that I could no longer have these delightful treats that I coveted as a child because they are not gluten-free.  Then, I found a bakery that made them gluten-free only to have it close down on me shortly after.  I never honestly thought that I could make these myself, it just seemed like a difficult task and I didn’t bother to look for a recipe.  Lauren has shown me just how wrong I was!

Not only were these nanaimo bars delicious, but they were incredibly easy to make.  Sadly, due to my accident and the injuries, I was not able to make the graham crackers for the recipe and used Kinnickinnick’s S’moreable Graham Style Crackers instead.  These bars were so good that the ones I gave to my fiance’s parents were gone in less than 24 hours.  We had to make a second batch of these tasty treats because I was too late to get a picture of the first batch (not that I’m complaining!).  I think that we will have to make a third batch of these so that I can freeze some for last minute parties.  Yum!

There are many other recipes to be found on Celiac Teen’s blog.  Another one of my favourites is her Pierogi dough.  I made these back in September and they were fabulous!  In fact, the recipe has been printed out and joined my collection of recipes to make again and again.  As usual, I have also made a list of some other recipes that I am dying to make such as Almond-Maple Rice Pudding  and her latest recipe, Quinoa Vegetable Soup.

Right now, Lauren is going through some difficulties as she has not been feeling well for some time.  My heart goes out to her.  I hope that she will be feeling better very soon and able to return to the kitchen.

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Adopt a GF Blogger – A Gluten-Free Gobsmacked Week!

October 2, 2010 5 comments

Sea Maiden, over at Book of yum, started  Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger as a way of getting to know our online gluten-free community in 2008 and it has been going strong ever since – thank you so much Sea!  I have only participated a handful of times under my previous blog, but that was over a year ago.  I am happy to say that I have signed up again after my hiatus and I’m glad I did.

I chose Kate over at Gluten-Free Gobsmacked this time around because her blog was the first one that I found after my celiac diagnosis.  Even if you’re not following a GF diet, her blog is a wonderfully welcoming site where Kate shares a piece of her kitchen and family.  I have been following Kate’s blog for the past few years and I have always left her site with a smile (and a new recipe to try!).  Some favourites are Kate’s pita bread, sandwich wraps and cheesy quinoa crackers (and if I allow myself to continue I might as well cut & paste her recipe page).

Now I must be clear here, in order to participate in Adopt a GF Blogger you do not have to choose more than one recipe to try out.  However, being the quirky individual that I am, I was unable to choose just one recipe.  GF Gobsmacked has so many wonderful recipes to choose from, so many recipes that I have been dying to try out, that I thought I would use her blog as the base for this week’s menu plan.  In fact, I would have to say that it was a great plan because it made my menu planning so much easier – lol!  So, without further ado, I will get on with the whole point of this post – the recipes!

Chinese Homestyle Chicken & Rice: one word – Fabulous!  This dish was absolutely delicious, there was just one problem – it was too spicy for me to eat!  The recipe calls for “2 Tbsp. of sweet bell pepper flakes or red pepper flakes.”  Well, I have had red pepper flakes sitting in my spice drawer for quite a while and I have been dying to use them in something.  It was just before I added them to the recipe that I thought I should double check if they’re really spicy, so I asked my boyfriend.  He told me that they were just like sweet bell peppers.  Great, I added them in.  In my household there are three of us, all with a different tolerance of spicy food.  I am on the low end of the scale and my mom loves spicy food.  My boyfriend enjoys spicy food as well, but there are certain temperatures that are too hot for him.  This was one of those times.  My boyfriend was practically in tears eating this, but he still went back for seconds.  My mom had seconds too.  I had a very small bowl and ate it very slowly.  I had to call my dad, the king of spice, to confirm that it was indeed the red pepper flakes that gave it such a bite and he laughed at me.  I’m sure that this will be a great joke for quite some time to come, but hey, that’s how we learn.  In my personal opinion, this is a great dish that is even more perfect for lunch or dinner in a pinch.  It is a one-pot meal and all you have to do is start the rice, mix the marinade while the rice is cooking, cut the meat and toss it in.  This is a dish that will be made in my house regularly, sometimes exactly as GF Gobsmacked has it written, and sometimes with my own twist. Chicken & RiceHomestyleChinese

Baked Corn Dogs:  I never really knew what a corn dog was until just before my diagnosis.  I always heard about them, mostly in reference to baseball games… I think, but I never had one until about a year before I was diagnosed with celiac disease and even then it was only one.  These were yummy and very easy to make.  The only problem I had was that they were too crispy, but that’s probably because of my oven.  I have found in the past that my oven tends to cook at a hotter temperature than others and so I generally have to adjust the baking time; a note for next time.  These were great for lunch as either the main meal or just a snack (main meal for me with a salad on the side).

Pao de Quejo (aka “Chebe Bread”):  I actually baked these up after I made a batch of the Chebe bread.  I have yet to find chebe mixes in Canada and happened to come across some in Bellingham at the Food Co-op one day and thought I’d grab it.  As far as I’m concerned, there is no comparison between GF Gobsmacked’s version and the packaged version.  GF Gobsmacked wins.  I found the Chebe version to taste like my yorkshire puddings.  GF Gobsmacked had a beautiful taste.  The only thing that I would change is the type of cheese I used, cheddar.  I should know this by now because I am rarely a cheddar cheese fan, but for some reason I used it anyway.  These buns came out with great flavours (even my dogs & cats liked them as I found them trying to steal them off of the counter).

My final recipe from Kate’s blog was her Teriyaki Sauce – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  We used it to marinate our chicken and then grilled it with fresh rosemary.  It was 100x better than anything you can buy in stores.  The only thing that I changed in the recipe was the mirin.  I have yet to find a gluten-free brand in the lower mainland, so I used my sushi vinegar instead.  We have officially decided to stop buying the gluten-free teriyaki sauces and invest in more soy sauce to make this recipe.

All-in-all, I loved the recipes that I made from GF Gobsmacked this past week, as I knew I would.  What I like the most is that they are versatile and easily adaptable to what you want.  Celiac Family has taken two of Kate’s recipes and turned them into burgers for a previous Adopt a GF Blogger and they look fabulous.  This is definitely a blog worth checking out for both recipes and light-hearted stories.  I also really enjoyed having a week dedicated to one particular collection of recipes and think that I’ll make this a regular plan in the future.

(Don’t forget to check out the Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger roundup!)

*I didn’t get a chance to make the Cast Iron Skillet Pizza this week due to a lack of cheese!  I will have to add it to this upcoming week’s menu.

Gluten-Free Menu Swap

September 27, 2010 6 comments

Sadly, I have missed the past two menu swaps and when this happens I am always reminded of the importance of having a menu plan.  This past week was probably the best reminder considering the fact that I returned to work and ended up catching my one and only cold for the season.  The last thing I wanted to do when I returned home from work and when I was feeling awful was make dinner or even prepare lunches.  I think that even more frustrating is that I was planning on spending this weekend preparing some frozen meals for lunches for the upcoming weeks and doing a muffin bake-a-thon only to have that plan thrown into the wind.  Sigh… oh well, I guess that’s just a part of life.

The GF Menu Swap was originally started by Natalie over at Gluten Free Mommy, but is currently being run by Cheryl at Gluten-Free Goodness, who is also this week’s host.  If anyone is interested in joining in the menu swap check out who the host is for each upcoming week over at GF Goodness, host of the Menu Plan Schedule.  You will also find out how you can host the Menu Plan/Swap.

This week’s host is Gluten-Free Goodness and she has chosen  pears for this weeks ingredient.  I don’t have anything with pears, but we do have a bucket-load of pears that were freshly picked  up in Kamloops a week ago.  In fact, I just used a couple (in hopes of finishing them off before they go bad) to make a Ginger Pear Cake in my Saladmaster.  I was planning on posting the recipe this week…I wonder if Cheryl was reading my mind when she chose this ingredient!

SUNDAY – Chinese Homestyle Chicken & Rice

MONDAY –  Garlic Fried Cod (oil-free) with veggies and salad

TUESDAY – Crunchy Chicken Salad

WEDNESDAY – not sure yet…something quick and easy due to work

THURSDAY – London Broil (Chipotle-Dijon)

FRIDAY – Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

 SATURDAY – Grilled Rosemary Chicken & Caesar Salad (by request of my boyfriend’s son)

SOUP OF THE WEEK:   Split Pea Soup


My menu for this upcoming week is based on recipes from Kate over at Gluten-Free Gobsmacked.  She has some amazing recipes that I have tried in the past, but I lost touch this past year and have been working hard to catch up on my fellow bloggers and she has some more recipes that I am dying to try out.  Thus, I have adopted her blog for this month’s Adopt a Gluten-Free Blog.

Adopt a GF Blogger

September 3, 2008 2 comments

This was my first time joining in on Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger and I am sad to say that I went very wrong at some point in samosa making – talk about a flop! I decided to enter because I really wanted to try Book of Yum’s samosas, something that I have been dying to have for months now but no clue as to where to begin in my creation. I should have searched for the chebe mix, but no I had to go with the scratch pastry idea forgetting that there was a reason I use to BUY the pastry pre-GF living.

On the plus side, the filling is fantastic, even if the onions were more singed rather than carmelized! I have leftovers that I’m going to bake up for either lunch or dinner today and have with some naan bread. I’m really not sure where I went wrong but I should have known that this was not going to work for me right from the start. First, I read the recipe wrong and was limited on some ingredients not to mention the fact that I was unable to find coriander seeds and cumin seeds, so I substituted the ground up. However, I think my down fall came when I forgot to pull the teff flour out of the freezer, or maybe it was because I was watching tv at the same time I was putting the dough together…who knows?! I plan on trying this recipe again, but that won’t be for a while yet.

Some minor changes that I made:

  • 1 cup of peas instead of 1/2 a cup. I love peas!
  • 1/2 tsp. mustard seed added
  • used ground cumin & coriander in place of the seeds. I cut the onion up and mixed it in with olive oil then added the spices and mixed them together.

I look forward to making this again, next time with success!

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