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GF Menu Swap: citrus

This week’s menu is being hosted by Celiac Family and the theme is citrus.  Personally, I think that this couldn’t have come at a better time as I was just thinking that I need to get back into my fresh orange juice habit and bought a case of fresh oranges the other day.  I love citrus fruits.  We always have oranges, lemons and limes in our fridge (or cold room).  It is also the perfect time for me to return.  My fiance has been working nights and, in all honesty, I just needed a break from my kitchen.  I have taken the past weeks to just relax and really focus on my own health and rehabilitation.  It has been very nice break, but time to return to my kitchen. 

This week I am really focusing on the food that I am eating.  I went to a lecture yesterday about optimizing digestion and had the pleasure of enjoying some amazing foods, such as squash & carrot soup as well as RAW chocolate pudding.  I even enjoyed the green smoothie!  It was a great lecture and reminder about the importance of whole foods.  What I really liked is that the nutritionist discussed food combining, something that my fiance and I tried to do back in the fall.  It went well and definitely helped cleanse our guts, but it was very hard and felt limiting.  I think that it was because we didn’t have a variety of recipe books to guide us and failed to use our imaginations.  This lecture helped give me some ideas and reinforced what I know that I need to do.  Ultimately, this lecture was the precursor to May’s cleansing lecture, which will be start with a detox yoga class and then move into a discussion about cleansing foods – I can’t wait!



  • Kale Avocado Salad over quinoa with Squash Carrot Soup
  • Chicken Fajitas
  • Steak & Spinach Salad
  • Savoury Crepes
  • Leftovers (I’ll be on my own this night)



  • Fresh Orange Juice
  • Green Smoothies
  • Sweet Lime Hummus with veggies

I will be back tomorrow with my Adopt a GF Blogger posting…Celiacs in the House – yay!!!  Dont’ forget to head over the Celiac Family for more menu ideas!

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  1. April 5, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Glad I’m not the only one thinking about citrus fruit. It must be the spring weather teasing us with warmer temperatures. 🙂 Looks like you’ve got a tasty and nutritious week ahead.

  1. April 5, 2011 at 7:54 pm

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