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I am just squeaking this posting in at the last minute.  It is time for what is fast becoming one of my favourite blogging events – Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger

Since my accident a couple of weeks ago I have not had much energy, or even the ability, to be in the kitchen.  It has been very frustrating because I am off of work and in physio and have all of this time, but I can’t do too much with it.  The hardest part is that I was so excited to bake up a storm for Christmas.  However, thanks to Lauren over at Celiac Teen, I was able to make (with help) one of my all time favourite treats – Nanaimo Bars .

I specifically chose Celiac Teen for this very recipe.  I was almost heart broken when I discovered that I could no longer have these delightful treats that I coveted as a child because they are not gluten-free.  Then, I found a bakery that made them gluten-free only to have it close down on me shortly after.  I never honestly thought that I could make these myself, it just seemed like a difficult task and I didn’t bother to look for a recipe.  Lauren has shown me just how wrong I was!

Not only were these nanaimo bars delicious, but they were incredibly easy to make.  Sadly, due to my accident and the injuries, I was not able to make the graham crackers for the recipe and used Kinnickinnick’s S’moreable Graham Style Crackers instead.  These bars were so good that the ones I gave to my fiance’s parents were gone in less than 24 hours.  We had to make a second batch of these tasty treats because I was too late to get a picture of the first batch (not that I’m complaining!).  I think that we will have to make a third batch of these so that I can freeze some for last minute parties.  Yum!

There are many other recipes to be found on Celiac Teen’s blog.  Another one of my favourites is her Pierogi dough.  I made these back in September and they were fabulous!  In fact, the recipe has been printed out and joined my collection of recipes to make again and again.  As usual, I have also made a list of some other recipes that I am dying to make such as Almond-Maple Rice Pudding  and her latest recipe, Quinoa Vegetable Soup.

Right now, Lauren is going through some difficulties as she has not been feeling well for some time.  My heart goes out to her.  I hope that she will be feeling better very soon and able to return to the kitchen.

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