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Tuna Casserole… “with a Twist”

I remember hearing about tuna casserole as a child and I’m sure that I ate at times too, but I have not had it in many years.  One reason being because of my celiac diagnosis and only just starting to convert past recipes to my gluten-free lifestyle in the past year or so and the other reason being that I really don’t like tuna.  Tuna fish is one of those things that I can take or leave, usually leaving.  I love tuna sashimi, especially when it is ice cold, but most of the time I need to be craving tuna, usually in a sandwich and with apples – lots of chopped apple!

Well, my boyfriend went down to Bellingham with my mom a while back and came home with lots of canned tuna.  I had no idea why he came back with all of that tuna, but he did.  It went into our pantry and sat there.  I’m thinking that the plan was to have it on hand for lunches, but a couple of weeks went by and I never did see him use any of it.  I finally asked him what it was for.  He shrugged his shoulders and said, “lunch.”  I started thinking. 

For a good number of months my boyfriend has been buying cans of soup to take to work for his lunches because they are quick and easy.  I never really thought much about his lunches because I have been working from home for the last while, so I was able to make whatever I pleased.  He use to grab leftovers, but we really haven’t had too many of those with the nice weather, living off of fresh salads and BBQ meats.  I know, I know, if we were thinking we would have planned ahead.  We didn’t.

So I asked if he liked tuna casserole.  He was at a loss for words.  Apparently he loves tuna casserole and hasn’t had it in years.  I added it to the upcoming weeks’ menu, planning to use Carol Fenster’s Tuna Casserole with a Twist (1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes).  I made it up one night using our new Saladmaster Electric Oil Core Skillet.  I almost choked at the taste, but my boyfriend sent me a text message home to tell me just how wonderful the casserole was.  Perfect!  I added it to the lunch menu list that I have going to help us out with our planning.

Well, a new week has started and lunches are needed.  I made the Tuna Casserole with a Twist recipe, but added my own twist…no tuna!  Actually, I made a few changes this time around, such as using one of the stock pots to make this up on the stovetop (my mom has borrowed our skillet), and since it was lunchtime when I was about to add the tuna I decided to snag a bowl-full for myself.

I loved it!

I actually phoned my boyfriend and asked him if I could leave it without the tuna.  He’s agreed, but I have a feeling that he’ll be asking for the tuna.  That’s okay, my plan is to double this recipe for next time and mix half with the tuna for him and leave half without…a sad twist, I know, and probably not the twist you were looking for, but a twist no less.

Tuna Casserole…with a Twist

 2 small onions (cone #2)

1 bulb of garlic (cone #1)

2-4 stalks of celery (cone #4)

 2 C. GF chicken stock

½ C. milk

2-3 C. rice pasta, uncooked

½ C. milk

¼ C. cornstarch/sweet rice flour

½ C. mayonnaise

1 ½ tsp. dijon mustard

1 tsp. GF tamari (San-J, grey label)

1 tsp. GF worcestshire sauce (Wizard’s is GF)

1 C. frozen peas

1 can of tuna (if you want the tuna part of the casserole).

SALADMASTER INSTRUCTIONS:  Use the Saladcutter to cut up the first three ingredients, or chop them up if you don’t have one.  Sauté them in the pot on medium heat, lid on.  Add the chicken stock, milk and pasta.  Cover.  Medium temperature until the lid starts to click, turn to low.  Cook for about 5-10 minutes, until the noodles are el dente.

Mix the other ½ cup of milk with the cornstarch and then add to the pasta mix.  Add the rest of the ingredients.  Turn the temperature back up to medium and then down to low when it starts to click.

*Can sprinkle grated cheese on top and bake for about 5-10 minutes at 350 degrees if you like.

OVEN METHOD:  Saute the first three ingredients; celery, onion and garlic.  Add the chicken stock and pasta, cooking the pasta according to the pasta directions (you will probably need more than 2 cups of stock).  Once the pasta is el dente remove from heat.  Add ½ cup of milk.  Mix the other ½ cup of milk with cornstarch and add to the pasta mix.  Add the rest of the ingredients.

Grease a 9×9 square pan and add the pasta mixture.  Add your favourite cheese on top if you like and bake for 15 minutes.

*This recipe has been adapted from Carol Fenster’s Tuna Casserole with a Twist (1, 000 Gluten-Free Recipes)

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  1. September 21, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    Nice change-up on an old favorite, look forward to trying your tuna casserole version.

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