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Menu Swap – January 12

Well, last week was definitely interesting and very educational. I have discovered that I cannot function without having a set menu plan for each day of the week. So, with that in mind this week has been planned right down to the last detail.

I have officially started my final stretch of school and will finally be a teacher as of April 2010. I am so happy that my module is full of a really nice and fun group of people, that has made it so much easier and has taken a load off of me. Now if I can remember to breath when ever I think of my teaching practicum starting up in February I’ll be doing great!

But with all of this in mind, I have decided that I am going to start of a Tasty Tuesday plan (if anyone is interested in joining in let me know – you don’t have to make the dish on Tuesday just post it by then). Every Tuesday I will make some sort of casserole or stew, or something, so that I can have leftovers for Wednesday night (I won’t be coming home from work on these days as I have class at 5:30). This week I have decided to try out a Chicken Pot Pie recipe, just sans the chicken and the chicken broth, so I guess it will be more like a Vegetable Pot Pie. This should be perfect as this week Fresh Ginger is hosting our Menu Swap and has chosen Locally Grown as our ingredient – so I’ll have to add lots of locally grown vegetables! I also plan on stuffing my sandwich with loads of fresh produce because I am dying for some good fruit and veggies!

Gluten Free Menu Swap – January 11 – 16
Lunch – Tomato Avocado Sandwich
Dinner – Salmon Salad

Breakfast – Fresh Apple Juice and a Mighty Tasty Muffin (recipe in Shelley Case’s Gluten-Free Diet)
Lunch – Tomato Avocado Sandwich
Dinner – Ginger Almond Nori Rolls (scratch this – if someone could share with me how I put that line through that would be great. Changed to Cashew Kreme, Carrot, Pepper and Nori)

Tuesday (Tasty Tuesday)
Breakfast – Fresh Apple Juice and a Mighty Tasty Muffin
Lunch – leftover nori rolls
Dinner – Vegetable Pot Pie (Tasty Tuesday)

Breakfast – Fresh fruit and a muffin
Lunch – Falafel Salad Sandwich with Creamy Cilantro Dressing
Dinner – leftover Vegetable Pot Pie

Breakfast – Fresh fruit and a muffin
Lunch – leftover pot pie
Dinner – Ginger Peanut Stir-Fry

Friday (RAW Dinner)
Breakfast – Fresh fruit and a muffin
Lunch – PB&J Sandwich
Dinner – RAW Zucchini and Green Zebra Tomato Lasagna and Coco Kream Pie with Carob Fudge on a Brownie Crust

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  1. January 13, 2009 at 12:39 am

    Your menu looks delicious! I clicked on the link for your falafel sandwich, which led to a whole exploration of GF flatbread/lavash recipes! I don’t miss regular bread much at all, but I really do miss a nice flatbread to wrap my falafel in. Now I have some exciting options. Thanks!

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