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Menu Swap – December 28

Wow!!! Only a few days left of 2008 – it seems a little unreal. I’ve had lots of time to look back on the year this past week (I’ve been snowbound for way too long!) and can honestly say that it’s the first year in a long time that I felt well enough to go out with friends. I have learned so many new things this year, both professionally and personally, and now I am starting a new adventure in 2009 – literally. I am so excited and yet very nervous for 2009 to begin because I will be starting my Teacher Certification program while minoring in Counselling and Human Development. In Spring of 2010 I will finally be a teacher and can’t wait.

My 2008 Highlights

  • learning to bake my first loaf of bread from scratch WITHOUT a breadmachine
  • Surfing in Oregon (well, more like body surfing attempts)
  • Returning to running
  • creating a behavioural plan and implementing it
  • Special Needs gymnastics studio with my kindergarten student

I could sit here and add my New Years Resolutions but in all honesty they change so often that there’s no point. I simply plan on being very positive about the upcoming year.

Now, onto the GF Menu Swap. This week I am hosting and I have chosen leftovers rather then any particular ingredient as I’m sure that there are many leftovers from Christmas dinner and will be even more after New Years. This week is looking to be another busy one for me as I hope to create slews of dry mixes to freeze as well as muffins. I am also waiting on my sourdough starter so that I can attempt to make a loaf of sourdough for my mom’s delicious spinach dip which I plan to take over to my friends for New Years.

GF Menu December 29 – January 3

Lunch – Rice paper wraps with orange dipping sauce
Dinner – Falafel wrap

Breakfast – Cinnamon Raisin Toast
Lunch – Falafel Wrap
Dinner – Leftover rice wraps with salmon salad

Breakfast – Cinnamon Raisin Toast
Lunch – Probably snack on homemade goodies
Dinner – Bombay Chicken with Coconut Rice (? – not sure as I have a party to go to)
*taking Spinach Dip with GF sourdough & Chocolate Peanut Butter Shortbread Bars; and for myself I’ll have a Falafel Wrap on hand and my friend has picked up some crackers and cookies for me too

Lunch – Leftover Bombay Chicken with Coconut Rice
Dinner – Green Salad

Breakfast – Cinnamon Raisin Toast
Lunch – Leftover Spinach Dip Dinner – ??? whatever I have leftover

Don’t forget to check out some other delicious Menus!

Over at Book of Yum, Sea has a great menu starting out with a Mexican theme and finishing off with Japanese Avocado Rolls. You’ll have to stop by to see her kitties enjoying Christmas.

Manda at Asparagus Thin is planning to try some new recipes out this week as she has some new cookbooks. Her menu sounds great with to of my favourites, pad thai and quinoa.

Living Free with Kimberly returns this week with a yummy sounding low-carb menu. Her Turkey and Vegetable soup sounds tasty and is giving me some ideas. All the best to you!

Fresh Ginger has some great meals planned for this week and is prepared with hangover comforts on New Years Day. Her thai green curry sounds delicious, especially with the bamboo shoots!

In My Box joins us this week with her new slow cooker and some great reviews on the recipes that she has tried this far. Some of my favourites are on her menu for the week such as butternut squash and burritos.

Angela returns with Slow Cooking Thursday and Free-zer Friday this week but also plans on taking it easy in the kitchen so that she can spend time with her family. Her mango-papaya chutney sound delish!

Gluten Free is Life is taking a break from baking this week as she has many leftover goodies already but it sounds like she may be planning some very delicious meals in the near future with her new GF cookbook.

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