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Klean Kanteen

I am so excited (sad, but true) because I have finally found a stainless steel water bottle. I have been using 2 plastic water bottles for the past year and have to say that my water has not been all that great. After the BPA scare a few months ago, I stopped using them all together. I almost bought an aluminum water bottle back in May because I thought it was the same as the stainless steel, but I am so glad I didn’t. Aluminum is just as bad as the plastic (I should mention that there are certain plastic water bottles that are safe but they should be either a number 5 or 6 – I think…there are mixed messages on this, but a #7 is the worst for leaching chemicals into the water – yum – and that’s what most plastic water bottles are). Aluminum itself is toxic, but the coating that they use inside the aluminum bottle is even worse as it is epoxy – a very toxic substance that is similar to BPA (hey…isn’t that the same substance that they claimed to have banned from being used in dishes?!).

I will admit, that I still have some reservations about klean kanteen, but short of using glass (which I’m scared I’ll break) stainless steel seems like the lesser of the evils. I can give you a review on my bottle in a couple of weeks, let’s see how it fares my camping trip. Klean Kanteen bottles are made from #304 stainless steel, the same steel that is used in food processing, dairy, & brewery industries. It is easy to clean, durable (I’ll let you know after some test runs), and non-leaching (thus far). The best part is that it is odor free. I use to get so grossed out when my water would have this odd smell to it, and I was one who used alternated bottles daily.

Hopefully this will finally be the answer to my searches.

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