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Menu Swap – July 21

This week’s menu swap is being hosted by Manda over at Asparagus Thin and the ingredient is onions. I love onions. So, head on over to Manda’s blog to check out this week’s menu lineup!

I am going to make this really short, even for me. I am currently finishing off a University course that has been condensed into 7 days rather than a whole semester and it’s killing me. I still have 2 more assignments to do, one of which is due on Tuesday and I have yet to even start it…yikes! But once I’m done I’ll be back for about a week and then I’m off to go camping with friends for about a week.

GF Menu – July 21 – 25, 2008

tomato & avocado sandwich (burning the midnight oil to write a paper)

RAW Chili (this was delicious, and it uses green onion – stay tuned for the recipe)

italian pasta salad (with sauteed white onions)

BBQ Chicken (maybe going boating with friends?)

burger & fries

My lunch, for the next 2 days, at least will be sandwiches. I promise that once my paper is done tomorrow night, I iwll come back and update this with much tastier meals, but at the moment this is the plan.

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