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Menu Swap – July 6

I am going to make this short and sweet because I am pooped! I have only planned my dinners with some breakfasts and snacks for this week since I’m off work for the summer. I do, however, have plans to meet with a bunch of friends on Wednesday for a potluck, and then I’m heading out for some sailing, so that would be another day that I have planned…sort of. I might have to make some changes as the week progresses, but oh well, I’ll worry about that if/when it becomes an issue.

This week’s GF Menu Swap is being hosted by Gluten Free Goodness and raspberries are her pick of ingredients. Did you know that there are at least 8 different raspberry species? They are very high in fibre and polyphenol antioxidants, not to mention a rich source of vitamin C and manganese, B vitamins (1-3), folic acid, magnesium, copper, and iron. I’m already thinking that I may have to add Raspberry Shortcake as a dessert one night this week, just talking about them is making me crave a handful or two.

GF Menu – July 6 – 12

Breakfast – Trifle-to-go (RAW)
Snack – Watermelon Salsa with corn chips
Dinner – Sashimi & Avocado roll with GF Tamari

Dinner – Alfredo Zucchini with Peas & Peppers (RAW)

Breakfast – Avo-Apple Pudding with hemp & flax seeds (RAW)
Dinner – Nori Wraps with Ginger Almond Sauce (Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen by Ani Phyo)

Wednesday – Potluck/Sailing
Potluck – Crispy Pecan Chicken Fingers (Best GF Family Cookbook by Donna Washburn & Heather Butt)
Watermelon Salsa with GF Pita Chips
*not too sure what else I’m going to take with me to have on hand

Dinner – Confetti Salad (Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen by Ani Phyo)

Dinner – Wakame Hemp Power Salad (Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen by Ani Phyo)

I’ll have to play this day by ear as I’ll be baking up a storm.

Don’t forget to check out Gluten Free Goodness for more recipe ideas, that’s where I’ll be later tonight!

Happy Sunny Days to all!!!

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  1. July 19, 2008 at 1:01 am

    Hi M-Elle, I would like to “tag” you and your blog if you are up for it. I have the rules on my current post. It’s basically a blog game where you learn more about your blog pals and learn about other blogs. I enjoyed participating and I hope you will too.Take care,Melanie

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