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Menu Swap – June 29

Finally I am free to relax and sleep in…sort of. At least I don’t have to get up for work again until September. I spent the weekend taking it easy on the couch reading and watching movies (I even managed to do some of my course readings too). Sadly though, I was unable to sleep in past 6am – yuck! But I really can’t complain since the weather is beautiful and it’s nice to be up before everyone else to enjoy the birds singing, and I really mean that since there’s a bird nest in the drainpipe of my garage.

I don’t have too many plans for this week except trying to find something to “take” to a virtual BBQ, which is why I chose watercress for this weeks ingredient. By the time I read the blog at Gluten Free Gobsmacked most of the good letters were already taken, so I figured that I would challenge myself more than necessary and take the letter W. Hmmm, what to make with the letter W? I thought watercress would be nice and it’s really good for you. I had no idea that watercress is full of iron and calcium. In fact, it has more iron than they claim spinach has and more calcium than milk (good to know since I have never liked milk and remember my mom bribing me to drink it when I was a kid). Watercress is also an excellent source of Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant and promotes cardiovascular health – something that I should be getting more of since I can be an active person. Vitamins A (helps the body resist infection and repairs and maintains both red & white blood cells) and C (another important antioxidant that we’re all familiar with) are found in this aquatic vegetable, as are folic acid, protein, lysine, arginine, potassium, and beta-carotene. Watercress is an aquatic or semi-aquatic plant that also happens to be one of the oldest leaf vegetables consumed by humans and is a member of the cabbage family. I love learning about different foods and interesting facts!!!

I have to be honest though, this is my first time actively buying watercress. I found a website that has a bunch of recipes with watercress and they sounded good, so I have taken a few of them and incorporated them into my menu for the week plus I’ll be adding it into my salad. Now I know that a few other bloggers had a hard time finding watercress and I had a hard time myself, but I’m not surprised. I’m planning on heading to my local farmers market tomorrow morning and I’m sure they’ll have some. Otherwise I will have to take a quick detour to the IGA who usually has some. This is one reason why I’ve arranged for my watercress recipes to be later on in the week. The other one being that I didn’t actually get my butt out the door for groceries until around 10pm tonight.

All right, let the menu begin!

GF Menu Swap – June 30 – July 5
Breakfast – apples, strawberries, cherries
Lunch – bagel with cream cheese & veggies
Dinner – Lime Chicken Tacos

Breakfast – fruit salad
Lunch – leftover lime chicken tacos
Dinner – Watercress & Mandarin Orange Salad (found under recipes)

Breakfast – fresh fruit & watercress cheese scones
Lunch – caesar salad
Dinner – RAW Chili (I still have yet to actually make this!!!)

Breakfast – fresh fruit & watercress cheese scones
Lunch – RAW Chili on a bed of lettuce
Dinner – salmon salad

Breakfast – fresh fruit & watercress cheese scones
Lunch – sandwich
Dinner – Shrimp Ravioli

Breakfast – fresh fruit
Lunch – Watercress Tabouleh (I’m going to modify this so that it’s GF – stay tuned)
Dinner – burgers with homemade GF bread


Book of Yum’s Seamaiden has a great variety of themes planned for this week. Friday’s Indian Fusion recipe of watercress with chickpeas is giving me some ideas. I wish her and her DH all the best in their upcoming move.

Fresh Ginger has a fun week ahead that sounds like it will be filled lots of fresh herbs. Her shrimp ceviche sounds good. I wish her all the best on her trip North for the Fourth.

Manda over at Asparagus Thin has reminded me that cooking can be very relaxing, something that I’ve forgotten this past month. She also has some great sounding dishes lined up this week, such as spaghetti salad and jezebel chili. I would also like to send her and her grandmother all the best.

Gluten Free Sox Fan has found a recipe for grilled chicken & watercress that she’s hoping to try out this week. I hope that it tastes as good as it sounds!

Mary Frances’ Gluten Free [Cooking School] has found a cookbook published by her high school that she is going to use with some minor changes. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Goodness is sticking to the basics this week and it looks like she is going to have a great harvest to help her out too! Congratulations on your 30 days grain free, your celebration dinner sounds wonderful!

Esther is very busy with the baby right now, but she has still found time to post her menu. She is planning to make potato and chickpea curry this week in her Lilac Kitchen with the addition of spinach.

Rachel of All She Is makes her debut in this weeks Menu Swap with a “simple and basic” menu that won’t heat the house up too much – I am with you on that! Welcome to the mix Rachel!!!

Happy Canada Day and 4th of July!!!

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