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Menu Swap – June 23

This is my last week of work, and even though I love my job and the kids that I work with, I am incredibly excited for the school year to come to an end. I will, for the first time in a long time, be taking a summer break that I will be able to enjoy. Last summer was my first summer after my diagnosis, but I spent it learning all about CD, how to bake GF, and searching for places that carried GF products. Granted, I only have one trip planned for this summer and will also be spending a couple of weeks in an Autism course, but I also plan on going hiking at least once a week (hopefully!). 5 days and counting.

Today I made some falafels and a Creamy Cilantro Dressing, but I have no idea where I found the dressing recipe, so if it sounds familiar, please let me know so that I can give credit where it is due. I’m also planning on making GF Gobsmacked’s sandwich wrap bread so that I can enjoy a nice falafel wrap – I think it would be similar to a GF Donair?

This weeks Menu Swap is being hosted by Gluten Free Sox, who has a lovely blog and some yummy sounding recipes. She has chosen oregano for this week’s ingredient as she has oodles of it in her herb garden. Check out her menu for this week and keep a watch for her Pork Ribs.

GF Menu Swap – June 22 – 28

Breakfast – PB & J Toast
Lunch – leftover shrimp & rice
Dinner – Peanut Stir fry with Coconut Rice

Breakfast – fruit salad and choco chip muffin (meeting)
Snack – Lara Bar
Lunch – Peanut Stir fry with Rice (leftover)
Dinner – gingered basa & salad

Tuesday (Barnet Beach with the whole school)
Breakfast – apple juice & fruit salad
Snack – Lara Bar
Lunch – Falafel Donair (homemade falafels, cilantro dressing wrapped up)
Dinner – RAW Chili

Breakfast – fruit salad
Snack – toast
Lunch – RAW Chili
Dinner – Mandarin Chicken Salad

Thursday (Last Day of School)
Breakfast – fruit
Snack – Lara Bar
Lunch – not too sure – staff are to go out, but the restaurant was hesitant about accomodating me and my GF needs
Dinner – Mandarin Chicken Salad

Friday (Admin Day)
Breakfast – muffin/bagel/donut – Staff Breakfast and Goodbyes
Lunch – salad
Dinner – Pizza Party with myself, the dogs, & the HD Television

Breakfast – GF Cereal with fruit
Lunch – tomato & avocado sandwich
Dinner – BBQ with friends (?)

I am hoping to take the weekend off (like I can really do that) and spend it catching up on all of the movies that I’ve missed. Then I’ll be all set to do the readings I have yet to do for my Autism Course later in July (yeah right, who am I kidding, I’ll probably be busy in the kitchen or out catching up with my friends!).

Be ready for the following week, I’m hosting the next Menu Swap and plan on trying out a bunch of recipes that start with the letter ‘W’ so I can be all ready for Kate’s GF BBQ.

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