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Menu Swap – June 15

This weeks Menu Swap is being hosted by GF Mommy who has just posted a recipe for cherry clafouti. She has chosen cherries for her ingredient – yum! I’m going to have to stop at the farm market on my way home tomorrow to see if I can find some and add them to breakfast, a cherry fruit salad sounds delicous!

My menu for this week is all about survival – 2 weeks and counting until I can officially relax. This upcoming week is full of transition outings and meetings, and possibly a field trip to the aquarium. I also have to be on-call for back up at work as 2 of the other EA’s are off due to injuries – not good. Oh well, in all honesty it’s these kinds of weeks that I thrive on. I love the adrenaline rush and the racing around much better than the constant paper work. This will keep my mind off the fact that I’ll be returning to the sub list in September, a necessary evil so that I can return to school to get my teaching certificate – yeah! I’m almost there, only another year and a half.

I’m back on my salad fix because I haven’t had much of one in the last few weeks and amazingly enough I’m missing them, so I’ve made sure that I have at least one salad a day.

GF Menu Swap – June 15 – 21

Breakfast – fresh fruit
Lunch -romaine lettuce with guacamole
Dinner – out with a friend for “dinner and a movie”

Breakfast – apple sauce with blueberries and strawberries
Snack – Glutino breakfast bar
Lunch -leftovers or salad
Dinner – vegetable stir-fry

Breakfast – applesauce with fresh fruit
Snack – PB&J toast
Lunch – leftover cold stir-fry over a bed of greens
Dinner – mandarin chicken salad

Breakfast – applesauce with flax & hemp seed mix
Snack – Lemon Larabar
Lunch – mandarin chicken salad
Dinner – turkey marinara over pasta

Breakfast – fresh fruit & tea
Snack – Lemon Larabar
Lunch – vegetable sandwich wrap
Dinner – baked basa fillet with fresh dill and a salad

Breakfast – fresh fruit
Snack – PB&J toast
Lunch – basa and salad
Dinner – whatever is leftover and still edible

Breakfast – CCA Pancake Breakfast (10 – 12)
Lunch – Quinoa Tabouli
Dinner – The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre

Have a great week!

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