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Menu Swap – June 1

Ok, I’m going to make this short and sweet as I am really tired and functioning on Brain Overload! This week’s GF Menu Swap is being hosted by Gluten Free Mommy and her ingredient is cabbage. Not only is cabbage is delicous, but it is also really good for us (I’ll have to get back to you on this, the only thing that comes to mind is its detoxifying effects)! My favourite recipes for cabbage are cabbage rolls and coleslaw salad.

My menu will probably be changed about a zillion times (I’ve already had 2 unexpected changes) this week, but I’ll let you know as I go.

My Menu for June 1 – 7

Lunch: leftover chicken souvlaki & rice pilaf
Dinner: Family Dinner at my Dad’s

Lunch: cucumber sandwich on Seedy Brown Bread (The Best GF Family Cookbook)
Dinner: caesar salad

Lunch: quinoa tabouli on a bed of greens
Dinner: lemon garlic chicken with lemon rice pilaf (The Best GF Family Cookbook)

Lunch: sandwich wrap (a special day spent at Playland with the kids)
Dinner: leftovers (who wants to cook after this long day of fun?!)

Lunch: green salad
Dinner: quinoa pilaf

Lunch: sandwich wrap & veggies
Dinner: broiled salmon with a green salad

Lunch: sandwich (Sport’s Day at work – I’ll be running around while the kids eat hot dogs)
Dinner: salad

Having typed this up, I’m beginning to think that I choose one book (unintentionally) and make it my book of the week or something…interesting idea. Anyways, this is only the first of 4 crazy weeks…gotta love when school wraps up!

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