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"Soups On!"

At EAT! Vancouver last weekend, I discovered that Happy Planet now has their own line of soups – and they’re GLUTEN FREE! I should clarify that, there are a number of them that are GF, but 1 or 2 aren’t so we still have to make sure that we read the labels. The Armenian Red Lentil soup is my favourite (at the moment). Last night I had the Tuscan Tomato Soup (too lazy to make my salmon and salad). It wasn’t bad, but tasted more like a pasta sauce to me rather than a soup. So, I decided to add some brown rice fusilli pasta. My plan was to eat it like pasta, but I didn’t make enough and ended up eating it like a soup, but it was delicious! I figured that I’d share it because we’re always looking for quick and easy meals.

Tuscan Tomato Soup with fusilli

I pkg. Happy Planet Tuscan Tomato Soup
1 1/2 cups fusilli rice pasta
cheddar cheese or non-dairy cheese substitute
parsley for garnish

Cook the fusilli according to the package. Heat up soup. Toss cheddar cheese in with drained and rinsed pasta, mix it up. Then toss cheesy pasta into soup and serve. If you want to go all out, garnish with some parsley.

Well, that’s my “cheesy” post for today, but I’ll be back! Oh-oh! I just checked their website, and apparently the soups are only available in BC, but as of September 2008 they will be available internationally. Also, 4 of the 6 are organic…even better!!!

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