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Menu Swap – May 25

Phew! The crazy part of May has finally passed, and I now have a reprieve…at least until June. Thankfully, I am now back at home with 2 crazy dogs rather than 3, and I have my own bed to sleep in (once my dogs decide to give it back to me).

I spent this past weekend working down at EAT! Vancouver in BC Place Stadium. Thanks to GF Gobsmacked’s sandwich wraps (I can’t get over how wonderful these are) I was able to enjoy a delicious lunch that I could eat while I worked. Contrary to what my brother believes (much to my delight) there were quite a few things that I was able to sample this weekend (of course I fully accepted responsibility for any possible cross-contamination). There were quite a few stands serving East Indian cuisine that was gluten free, and Happy Planet was there serving both their juice/smoothies and SOUP! From what I saw all but one were GF and delicious. My favourite was the Armenian Red Lentil – delish! I even found 2 different stands serving GF Beer and brought the issue of celiac disease to a vodka vendor who had no idea if his product was GF, but promised that he would look into it – he said that he never even thought of any grain intolerances and picked my brain for a little while. I even had the pleasure of meeting a local chef who gave me his email address so that I could contact him with info on CD. He said that he would love to learn more about it so that he can make his restaurant safe for celiac customers. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and even though there was A LOT that I couldn’t eat, I really didn’t mind. I just made sure that I had a variety of my own GF food to enjoy instead. I also decided that I should create my own chili so that next time I can join in the chili competition festivities instead of working my tale off as runner/clean-up crew! But we’ll see.

This weeks Menu Swap is being hosted by Lilac Kitchen and she has chosen tomatoes for our ingredient. Don’t forget to head over to her blog to find some other great menus for this week and to learn some amazing facts about tomatoes – thank you for acknowleding that it is a fruit!

When I was first diagnosed with CD, I spent the first 6 months eliminating all common allergens in hopes of getting my stomach back to normal and tomatoes was one of those foods. Since that time I’ve discovered that tomatoes aren’t really one of my favourite foods. I do still eat them, but they’re like bananas to me – a necessary evil! I do enjoy tomatoes in my guacamole and in a sandwich – both with lots of avocado and some tomato. I also enjoy greek salad, but mainly for the cucumber, and of course I love chips and salsa. So I have decided to take all of these and enjoy them this week (I do the same thing with bananas, eat them all in one week so that I can enjoy many other weeks without them haunting my dreams). On that note, I should probably point out that I prefer tomatoes in their oringinal state – RAW. I believe that they are better for you and less acidic than when they are cooked.

Menu for May 25 – 31

Breakfast: Pine-apple sauce (recipe to follow in the next couple of days – I PROMISE!)
Snack: blueberry buckwheat loaf (found in Washburn and Butt’s 125 Gluten Free Recipes)
Lunch: turkey sandwich wrap
Dinner: chips & salsa

Breakfast: fruit & fresh juice
Snack: Glutino apple-cinnamon bar
Lunch: turkey sandwich wrap
Snack: veggies & dip
Dinner: Quinoa Tabouli (never got a chance to make this last week)

Yea! Grocery shopping will finally be done!

Breakfast: home-made apple sauce
Snack: blueberry buckwheat loaf (found in Washburn and Butt’s 125 Gluten Free Recipes)
Lunch: quinoa tabouli with veggies & dip
Snack: pita bread with tzatziki
Dinner: chicken souvlaki (Washburn & Butt’s The Best Gluten-Free Family Cookbook) & greek salad

Breakfast: home-made apple sauce
Snack: blueberry buckwheat loaf (found in Washburn and Butt’s 125 Best Gluten Free Recipes)
Lunch: avocado & salad
Snack: pita bread with tzatziki
Dinner: cheeseburger salad

Breakfast: home-made apple sauce
Snack: kinnikinnick hot cross bun
Lunch: chicken souvlaki salad
Snack: veggies & dip
Dinner: broiled salmon with green salad

Breakfast: whatever fruit is left for the week
Snack: donut
Lunch: salmon salad
Snack: romaine lettuce leaves with Holy Moly Guacamole!
Dinner: Girls Night out for Sex and the City movie premiere

Lunch: shrimp caesar salad
Snack: veggies & dip
Dinner: Ian’s chicken nuggets & sweet potato fries

Before I sign off, I have to apologize for my lack of postings these past couple of weeks. I have a very long list of things that I really want to share (in particular what I learned at my Celiac Conference), but I just haven’t had the time or energy. Hopefully, that will all change this week, or for sure next weekend.


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  1. May 30, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    Hi M-Elle,Thanks for the report of EAT. I’m always inspired when someone like us gets out there and just “does it anyway”. By that I mean that the event was not necessarily GF, but you got out there anyway and still had a lot of fun. Also, you educated folks our plight, which as a fellow celiac, I very much appreciate. Some chefs look at celiac as a challenge to their creativity, so I’m always happy to hear about those moments of real connection. I think I need to get up to BC this summer for an eating vacation. Do you have any recommendations (personal or other blogs) that might point me in the right direction? The only places I *know* I want to try are Vij’s and Mountain Top Bakery. I’d also like to try some First Nations food if possible.Take care,Melanie

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