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Menu Swap – May 11

This week’s menu is going to be very simple…salads! I just came back from the Canadian Celiac Association Conference in Victoria this weekend, and I AM STUFFED!!! The Emperess Hotel created a beautiful buffet for all of our meals and it was delicious. I think that I probably ate the equivalent of 1 week of food within 2 days and I am full. In all honesty, I’m not overly concerned about food, at least not at this moment. There were so many wonderful things that I learned and tried, but I’ll save that for another posting in the next couple of days. Actually, I’m a little behind – I’ll have to take a look at everything and see about adding the pictures that I have and write about TGIF – I better get crackin’!

Menu for May 11 – 16
Lunch – leftover GF pizza (there’s a pizza place that makes GF pizza!)
Dinner – shrimp caesar salad

Lunch – sandwich
Dinner – quinoa salad on a bed of greens

Lunch – more quinoa salad
Dinner – grilled salmon with salad

Lunch – leftover salad and salmon
Dinner – grilled chicken mandarin salad

Lunch – leftover salad
Dinner – vegetable stirfry

Lunch – sushi
Dinner – halibut steaks with black bean salsa and salad

This week’s menu swap is being hosted by Terri over at Faking it GF Style, who has chosen strawberries as her ingredient. I’ve checked out her menu for this week and it sounds wonderful with strawberry spinach salad and strawberry salsa (which I hope that she will share with us).

Have a great week,

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  1. May 16, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    Hi M-Elle!What a great blog! And these menu swaps are such an excellent idea. Thanks so much for listing me in your blog roll. That is very sweet of you. I will be listing you in mine as well.Keep up the great work…and good eating!Melanie

  2. May 17, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    Thanks Melanie! I really enjoy reading your blog, I love what you have to say and I’m planning on trying out some of your recipes, they sound delicious!M-Elle

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