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Pot Pie

Before going GF, I use to love pot pies. For the last while I have been wanting to make a pot pie, but just wasn’t up to it. I finally made one today. There are definitely a few changes that I would make next time, but for the most part it turned out really well.

Natalie at Gluten Free Mommy has an Easy Chicken Pot Pie recipe posted, which sounds wonderful, as does Ginger Lemon Girl with Michael’s Rustic Chicken Pie. I would love to make both of these recipes, but I was lacking on some ingredients, even after taking my little trek to stock up (they didn’t have the main flours I needed), so I had to make do with what was on hand.

I found a recipe at Bob’s Red Mill that uses their GF All-Purpose Baking Flour. This was the first flour that I started baking with. The package comes with a great banana muffin recipe. So, since I still have some of that flour, I decided to use that and save myself the trouble of combining a number of different flours. It was fairly easy to make, and the filling would make a great stew. I took the recipe for GF Chicken Pot Pie but I substituted portabello mushrooms for the chicken. I really wasn’t in the mood for chicken. The mushrooms were great and so was the crust, actually, I’m thinking of trying the crust recipe as a biscuit for turkey dinners. But I think that next time I would either double the filling recipe or half the crust topping, and I would spread the dough on top thinner. The crust reminded me of my dad’s dumplings from his chicken & dumpling stew, a favourite amongst my siblings and I.

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