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Friday nights are always an interesting night for dinner, actually the whole weekend is interesting for all meals! I generally try to leave both Friday and Saturday nights open – this way I can eat up any leftovers or I can go out with friends and have no worries of food going bad. Also, I tend to go grocery shopping during dinner time on one of these days because I really hate shopping (not grocery shopping so much) and I really, really hate crowds. I just like to go into a store, grab what I came for, pay, and leave! Christmas time this year was great because the Superstore by me was open 24 hrs., so I was one of the few crazies who went grocery shopping at 2am on the weekend – went out with my friends, then went out for groceries – I had a great time because there was no one there.

Anyways, tonight I went grocery shopping. Actually, I pretty much went grocery shopping most of the day – I had to go and stock up on GF flours, which is a bit of a drive for me, then I went to a couple of different grocery stores (because I can’t get everything at one) and I had to stop and pick up some movies. So, needless to say, that dinner didn’t get eaten until around 11pm at night and it was an interesting creation. My mom picked up some white fish at Safeway that was different from the norm, and it wasn’t bad, but I think that it needs a different sauce next time around. Tonight’s fish was Cape Capensis fillets. We usually eat basa or salmon, and it’s usually the same sauce/marinate/toppings. So, tonight, I really didn’t know how to cook the fish, so I suggested that we do the same as the basa. There were a few changes made to one of the pieces of fish and unfortunately lemon juice was forgotten (I guess that’s what we get for waiting until after 10pm to make dinner). All-in-all the fish was not bad, but I would definitely do it differently next time. Not too sure what exactly, but I’m sure I can find something. Also, my mom mixed the usual sauce/herbs with dijon mustard for her piece and strangely enough I preferred her piece to mine. I don’t usually like dijon, but it wasn’t too bad. I ended up eating my piece in a salad with some Greek Feta salad dressing. Salad is always my back-up plan for fish – if it doesn’t taste too great, throw it in a salad with some a delicious dressing.

Basa Fish

2 basa fillets
fresh dill, chopped
GF mayo
1 lemon

Place 2 pieces of fish in baking dish. Spread a little bit of mayo over the fish, then squeeze lemon juice all over. Sprinkle chopped dill so that the fish is covered – the more dill the better in my opinion. Bake at 400F for about 20 minutes or until it is cooked how you like it.

Lefovers are great cold the next day or in a salad.


2 salmon steaks
GF tamari/soy sauce

Place salmon steaks in small casserole dish (the closere they are the better) and marinate with soy sauce and water – usually about 1:1, but it’s however you like it. Flip fish over after about 30 minutes and continue to marinate. Then broil in the oven for 20 minutes or until fish is cooked to your satisfaction. I like my fish nice and moist.

Cape Capensis

2 cape capensis fillets
fresh dill, chopped
GF mayo
dijon mustard

Place fillets in a baking dish. Mix the dill, mayo, and dijon mustard together then spread on both pieces of fish. Bake at 400F for 20 minutes.

*Not the most beautiful picture, but we had started eating it before I even thought to take a picture – ooops!

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