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Kitchen Extravaganza – Part II

Ok, so the final item that I made on Good Friday was a loaf of bread. At first, I wasn’t too keen on the flavour, but since I really hate to see food go to waste I decided to eat it anyway. I probably had about 3 slices – 1 with GF butter, 1 plain, and the best one was lightly toasted with pure organic RAW Almond butter. Then, yesterday I cut open an avocado and had a couple of spoonfuls. But when I saw a bunch of tomatoes sitting on the counter that needed to be used up I decided to have a tomato and avocado sandwich with a little mustard.
It was that sandwich (un-toasted, I might add) that won me over. This is my second favourite bread. I am so excited because I now have to bread recipes that I actually want to eat. Funny how I never like sandwiches while I was growing up, and I was never really a toast fan either. I loved bread, but it had to be sourdough or french bread. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed that I really started craving untoasted sandwiches, well now I have my wish (and my cravings).
The bread that I tried this weekend was the recipe that had been posted by Gluten Free Mommy with the variations that were posted by Kate on Gluten Free Gobsmacked.

I also used a loaf pan that was 9.5 inches since I could not find a 10 inch pan anywhere. Probably would have been good to have paid attention to Gobsmacked’s full article in which she gives pan suggestions. Oh well, live and learn. I have no pictures of my loaf, it was eaten up by all this weekend. Went especially well with spinach dip.

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