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Kitchen Extravaganza – Part I

Well, last night I went to the gym, swam laps, sat in the hot tub and the steam room. I went home energized! I made a couple of sushi/nori rolls, and let me tell you, they were delicious! I found the recipe in one of my new Raw Uncooking books, “Real Food, Real World” by Matthew Kenney & Sarma Melngallis. The pictures in this book alone were the reason for buying it – they look AMAZING!
I love sushi…really. I can’t get enough of it. They have a recipe in their book that uses jicama instead of rice, marinated shiitake mushrooms in place of raw salmon (I think – that’s what it tastes like to me), and loads of vegetables. I changed the jicama rice recipe around a little, using the sushi vinegar in my fridge (which a Japanese exchange student last year used while teaching me how to roll sushi), then dehydrated it for about 2 hours. For me personally, I think that I would dehydrate it for a little bit longer, but that could be because I was too lazy to squeeze the jicama between a towel before mixing it with the vinegar. I did the mushrooms exactly as they said, and have decided that they will be a regular in my fridge for sushi and salads. They have a pickled ginger recipe included, but I didn’t have enough time to make it, plus I’ve become addicted ginger in my berry juice (I’ll save that for another posting, and trust me, it will be here soon!).
Now, on this beautiful Friday morning, Good Friday I might add, I woke up and decided to make a loaf of bread. But of course it didn’t stop there. I made my bread (I’ll post about this later because I haven’t tried it yet, it just came out of the oven), then I decided to finally try making a couple of recipes from “Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen” by Ani Phyo. I have been in love with this book since day one. I have the majority of the ingredients and the recipes are fairly quick and easy (I don’t find them to take any longer then preparing a loaf of gluten-free bread -at the moment). I am in love with her salads, in particularly the one that uses oranges and fennel as the salad dressing…um-um-um!
Today I made 2 different dishes. The first one I made was Walnut Cranberry Squash Rice, which is a little misleading because I didn’t put any walnuts in – I cannot stand walnuts! I haven’t thought of what nut to use instead, but I will. Cumin was one of the spices used, and as much as I love cumin, I think that I added too much or maybe I didn’t have enough butternut squash. I also made note of the onion portion. For me, the onions were too big. I like chunky food, but apparently not onion. They definitely add some great flavour, but I would prefer to have them chopped much smaller than I did.
To go along with this yummy rice (which tasted wonderful at first, and only got better after having sat for a while) I decided to make the Save-the-Salmon Patties with Holandaise Sauce. WOW! Again though, a lot more dill than I put in, and less garlic (I feel bad for the people who are meeting me to walk our dogs in the morning, my deepest regrets at not thinking that through!). I forget that raw garlic is much more potent than roasted! Oh well, live and learn. Besides, they’re still delicious and again, the taste is only improving the longer they sit and blend. A choice is given on dehydrating or not. I chose to eat half as is and dehydrate the rest, so I’ll see how those taste. The patties are good both with the holandaise sauce and without, but the sauce does give them that extra ooomf! that makes food so yummy.
Well, I am pooped now, and I still have to try my bread (which smells wonderful) and clean the kitchen – oh wait, my mom’s cleaning up for me, YEA! I will be back with more on my kitchen extravaganza!
I was just looking at the picture have to say that the food tastes 100x better than it looks. I’ll have to make a point of working on presentation. Oh well, as long as it tastes good…for now!

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