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Jicama vs. Daikon

Today I finally cracked open the giant root that’s been sitting in my fridge for the past week – Jicama. This was my first time eating jicama. For the past couple of years I’ve been drooling over the white shredded garnish on the sashimi trays. Even when I was sick and sushi/sashimi was all that I could eat (strange, according to my friends), I loved eating the white garnish. I finally asked the sushi restaurant what it was. It turns out that it was daikon. So, I went out and bought daikon in the korean market one day, really excited about having my very own daikon and even more excited because it was organic – talk about a BONUS! It tasted nothing like the shredded garnish that I had been enjoying in the sushi restaurants! At first, I didn’t like it, but since I bought it I felt that I had to eat it, so I started putting it on top of my salad. Well, that actually worked out quite well. I told a friend that I was doing this, and he said, “are you sure it’s daikon and not jicama that the sushi restaurants use?” Well then I was totally stumped. I made it my mission to find jicama and taste it to see which one they were serving. Well, I have now tasted both jicama and daikon, and I think that it’s safe to say, the sushi restaurants that I frequent are using daikon.In my opinion, both vegetables are delicious and great on salads. I actually used daikon in my own vegetable nori rolls last summer, and tonight I used the jicama. In way of nutrients, neither contain all that much except vitamin C. This past week I also had daikon in a stir-fry that my mom made (it was garbage day, so she was cleaning the fridge out and decided to use everything up that was still good – hence the giant stir-fry when I got home from work). I really liked the daikon in the stir-fry, but for me personally, I would put it in last, just before taking it off of the stove, so that it maintains its crunchy, crisp bite (there’s something about crunching into my vegetables – I love the sound). Here are a few tidbits about jicama and daikon.
Jicama is an edible root that is crispy and sweet. Part of the legume (bean) family, it is a popular staple in Latin America. It is grown in Mexico and Central America and commonly used to replace water chestnuts in a recipe and tends to take on the flavours of the other ingredients when cooked. Contains high amounts of vitamin and is a carbohydrate in the form of dietary fibre. Interesting fact: the vine that grows above ground produces its own natural insecticide, allowing it to protect itself from pests.
Daikon is a giant white radish that is East Asian. It is low in food energy, but it does contain the active enzyme myrosinase that helps with the digestion of food, especially starchy foods. It can be eaten raw in salads (or as a garnish), pickled, or in stir-fries.

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  1. February 8, 2009 at 12:07 am

    So what are the differences in taste and texture? Which one do you prefer?

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